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Hosted Telecoms Service (VOIP)

We offer outstanding telecoms services for businesses of any size, based upon the excellent FreePBX phone system.
We believe that it can give any company a competitive edge. Not only is implementation simple and low cost, it is also easy to build and maintain advanced system functions not normally available as standard in commercial phone systems.
By some estimates there are over 1 million production FreePBX systems in use around the World and 20,000 new systems being installed every single month. This easily outperforms any other similar system and indeed any commercial phone system.

The best thing about FreePBX is it’s flexibility. It can be customised for any size of shape of business and features can be added to suit, without the very expensive licensing costs of commercial systems.

Benefits overview

  • Seamless directing and redirecting of calls.
  • Only one line needed.
  • Each employee only needs one number no matter where they are working.
  • Disaster Recovery is built in – your calls can follow you.
  • Overseas calls are much, much cheaper.
  • Substantial cost savings particularly with an Open Source VoIP business system.
  • Complete ease of use.

We provide a standard choice of hosted FreePBX systems, or we can provide a bespoke solution for more complex requirements of larger number of connections. Our standard range is as below:


Suitable for:

Bronze System

£ 25 +VAT/Month

Unlimited Extensions

5 to 10 concurrent calls

Businesses with between 5 to 20 members of staff

Silver System

£ 35 +VAT/Month

Unlimited Extensions

15 to 20 concurrent calls

Businesses with between 20 to 40 members of staff

Gold System

£ 45 +VAT/Month

Unlimited Extensions

25 to 35 concurrent calls

Businesses with between 40 to 75 members of staff


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