Welcome to our New Look and New Site


Well it’s been a busy few weeks and what feels like an age since I posted a new blog article on behalf of Coeus Technology Ltd.
So much change has taken place, it’s hard to know where to begin, but here goes anyway:

  1.  We have a new look!  Pretty striking, isn’t it?  And not normally colours that you would associate with an IT Consultancy – Pink and Yellow!
    There’s good reason for that, obviously, as we want to stand out and, in a sea of play it safe greys and blues, be a bit different.
    We hope you like the new look and would welcome your comments.
  2.  New website!  Yep, a fair amount of hard work has gone into this too, although I can’t personally take the credit for it.  That goes to our very talented (outsourced) Wed Developer who has delivered this site for us.  Thanks Susie!
    We’ve set a separate area within our blog called ‘Thoughts’ – please keep an eye on this as I’ll be posting some thought provoking articles that will be ripe for comments and discussion.  Keep an eye out for that or, even better, sign up for alerts on our mailing list.  You’ll want to be involved in this, I promise you.
  3.  New range of Core Services.  We can now offer a real comprehensive range of services to our clients, embodying what we feel is a real ‘One-Stop Shop’ for all of your small business IT Requirements.  For example, we can get you connected to a good value yet super-fast internet connection and, once connected, then offload your email and telecoms to the cloud, saving you money, and then we’ll support you every step of the way with our range of ad-hoc or monthly support packages.  Makes a lot of sense.

Phew, OK.  A fair bit of information to take in there.

In this period of change, what remains that same then at Coeus Technology Ltd?  Well, our outstanding customer service remains the same.  We’re incredibly grateful for our loyal customer base that continues to grow, year on year.
I’d like to think that we’ve shared some good experiences along the way and overcome the odd hurdle too.

The slightly unpronounceable name ‘Coeus’ remains the same too.  With this latest website rebuild, the background to the name is explained in a bit more detail.  Some people ask, some are just too scared to try and attempt to pronounce it.  Give it a go next time you give us a call!

I think that’s all for now.  Thanks for reading and speak soon.